"THE APARTMENT"— A Recovered Memory of Chicago, 1996.

by Ethan Persoff

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    Welcome to The Apartment. Based in Chicago, 1996, and written and recorded in 2003, only to be left alone in a stack of zip discs and unplayable digital audio tape for over a decade and a half, this is a curious first step into spoken word for Ethan Persoff. Vocals for this album were retrieved from storage in 2015, and later edited and completed in 2019, with a final remastering in 2020.
    Step inside a wonderful antique brownstown and meet Nina the Landlord, a polish woman who owned much of the city's northwest properties that rented to artists at the time. A cheap deal on a gigantic apartment full of ornate wooden interior structures and a loud clanging pipe system. Where a 1920s upright piano is your best friend and surveillance of a suspected daily intruder becomes your mission.
    Music and editing in 2019 has structured this album, but the original text has been unchanged. Subsequently, some humor occurs from the text being recorded nearly 20 years previous — like a description of a woman in her late forties as a "confusing older lady". It's a funny gaffe, as Persoff is himself at "confusing older" age, but such lines have been retained. These surviving tracks are Persoff's first efforts at "Spoken Word with Electronics" as a burgeoning but confident idea in 2003, and is a good introduction to the SWWE series.
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released June 15, 2020


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